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21 Urethral and Bladder Current Perception Thresholds: Normative Data in Women admin 08-26 568
20 Efficacy of a Novel Device for Assessment of Autonomic Sensory Function in the Rat Bladder admin 08-26 639
19 Abnormal Current Perception Thresholds Measured by Neurometer Among Residents in Blackfoot Disease-Hyperendemic Villages in Taiwan admin 08-26 646
18 Current Perception Threshold for Assessment of the Neurological Components of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome: A Review admin 08-26 628
17 Correlations Between Electrically Quantified Pain Degree, Subjectively Assessed Visual Analogue Scale, and the McGill Pain Questionnaire: A Pilot Study admin 08-26 628
16 PainVision Apparatus Is Effective for Assessing Low Back Pain admin 08-26 616
15 Identification of Physical and Psychosocial Problems Associated with Diabetic Nephropathy Using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Core Set for Diabetes Mellitus admin 08-26 668
14 Investigation of Wearing Comfort of Eyeglasses with Emphasis on Pain Around the Ears admin 08-26 617
13 Evaluation of Pain Intensity Measurement during the Removal of Wound Dressing Material Using ‘The PainVision™ System’ for Quantitative Analysis of Perception and Pain Sensation in Healthy Subjects admin 08-26 798
12 Effect of Dexmedetomidine Injected Into the Oral Mucosa in Combination With Lidocaine on Local Anesthetic Potency in Humans: A Crossover Double-Blind Study admin 08-26 597
11 Age-Related and Sex-Related Changes in Perfusion Index in Response to Noxious Electrical Stimulation in Healthy Subjects admin 08-26 768
10 Acupuncture in Patients with a Vertebral Compression Fracture: A Protocol for a Randomized, Controlled, Pilot Clinical Trial admin 08-26 630
9 Efficacy of Acupuncture in Treating Upper Abdominal Pain in Cancer Patients: Study Protocol for A Randomized Controlled Pilot Clinical Trial (암환자의 상복부 통증 치료에 대한 침의 효과: 무작위배정 대… admin 08-26 628
8 Efficacy and Safety of Geochangmanryeung-dan and Acupuncture on Patient with Spinal Stenosis Treated by Epidural Steroid Injection: a Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial (경막외신경… admin 08-26 635
7 Quantitative Analysis of Pain during Mammography Using Electrical Stimulation admin 08-26 608
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